Symptoms of Head Injuries, Concussions

The thought of a head injury strikes fear into most people. It is why we make bikers ride helmets and why most of us instinctively throw our arms over our heads when someone shouts, “duck!” Head injuries can range from superficial to deadly, and sadly, many head injuries are sustained on the job. Understanding head injuries is the first step in recognizing and preventing them. A concussion is an overwhelmingly common type of injury, so prioritize committing the symptoms, side effects, and available treatment of a concussion to memory.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is a type of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that occurs when the brain bounces around or twists in the skull. It is often the result of a bump or a blow to the head that causes the head and brain to move back and forth rapidly. 

What are the symptoms of a concussion?

If someone has suffered from a concussion, the following symptoms are likely observed by others:

  • Memory loss immediately before or soon after the blow to the head
  • The victim appears dazed and confused
  • Clumsy movement
  • Loss of consciousness, even briefly

If someone has suffered from a concussion, the following symptoms are likely to be reported by the victim:

  • Headaches or head pressure
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dizziness, trouble balancing, or blurry vision
  • Photosensitivity or sensitivity to noise.
  • Confusion and memory problems. 
  • A general feeling of discomfort or disquiet

How to Treat a Concussion:

The best available treatment for a concussion is rest and relaxation. Your doctor will likely suggest that you limit activities that require mental effort and physically demanding activities for 48 hours after your accident. Once a few days have gone by, returning to regular activity slowly and thoughtfully is recommended, and over-the-counter pain medication can be used to help with painful headaches. 

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